TimeWaster talk is a waste of your time !


So I hope you ladies are finding your way around the Findom community and these pieces I write offer a little more insight to your journey. I'd like to take some time to discuss something I think is very serious and also very common. The infamous Time-waster!! Okay, some of you may not agree with this but I don't and never co sign to outing subs/slaves and or public time-waster talk. This for any Dominant in my opinion is a big NO NO !

I say this all the time ... The only one that can waste your time , is YOU! If you make a choice to invest your time in a particular sub and it doesn't pan out ... Guess what ? You made that choice! It wasnt made for you, you just happen to choose incorrectly . It happens, its ok ! Chalk it up as a learning experience and now look for way to identify and avoid this in the future.

Now let's look at some more reasons why this mentality is harmful rather than good.

1. Shouting to the world .. He's a time-waster! only does this...It broadcasts your lack of success in collecting tributes! As findom we are manipulators of money. We aren't victims! We choose to do this as want , desire! Not as a need! If you have been victimized or feel as though you are in this arena , then I suggest consider a change of path for this is not for you. If choose to invest your time into a slave , and it doesn't pan out. Just block him and move on! Slaves are like buses! There's always another in 5 minutes !


2. You give the slave exactly what he wants ...ATTENTION. Not only have you showered him with your attention you have spotlighted him to other mistresses.


3. Makes you appear whiny and unattractive to future slaves. Doing this makes you appear less approachable to boys who may have an interest in serving you. The future slaves will not easily confide in you due to fears you may out them when mad or upset.

4. Lastly , we all know you aren't doing this to warn the next domme. That may be the guise of your reason for outing , but we all know the intent here is to spurn the slave from future service to another domme, in most cases. No one in this arena is dumb and boys who aren't viable show this within a few moments of conversation. Your intuition is usually spot on , so listen to it! No one needs warnings about boys. The usual outcome, is you only setup the slave to be rescued by the next domme. And she will swoop him off his feet by coming to his rescue from a big bad domme who is attacking him. That next domme will collect her tribute. I know , cause I speak from experience !


May the odds be forever in your favor ladies !

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