San Fransisco Winter in July !!!

So me and the fabulous Mistress Unknown have completed yet another trip this summer!  One of my slaves had the pleasure of flying us out to San Fransisco! My slave also provided myself & Mistress Unknown lovely 5 star hotel for the entire 4 day stay! I must say it was wonderful! We very much enjoyed ourselves and even showed some of you luck enough to catch some of our periscope broadcasts. The only thing I would complain about is the weather!! San Fransisco weather has a mind of its own. San Fransisco weather has the ability to show you winter, fall and spring all in one day! Certainly something me and Mistress Unknown were not used to or were we expecting. None the less , we had a marvelous time partaking in the city, its sights and certainly its 420!



My Asian Sissy Boy

Written by MistressThick
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Mistress has a new Chinese sissy doll, I have named her jade lotus !
I had the best time dressing up my lil slut for the 1st time.

So when he came to my door, he was immediately ordered to strip. He replied "mistress I have a surprise for you " with a big smile he says" I'm already wearing my lingerie for you." jade lotus was wearing latex thigh highs with black vinyl pumps , a black garter belt and matching thong and bra ! Mistress was surprised and pleased that my lil slut took so much effort into transitioning for me. after see him and the outfit i its entirety, I told her she was missing wig and makeup ! I grabbed neck length raven black wig i removed his glasses and told him my slut needs to be a painted whore , so makeup was necessary. he was instructed to kneel as I gathered my makeup and colors I thought would bring out the whore in her the most! i chose blue and smoke eye shadow and electric blue eyeliner. the makeup was heavy and very slutty, I loved the job I did. I made her getup and stand in front of the full length mirror admiring her transformed slutty self . I stood with her facing the mirror and while squeezing her ass and kissing her neck , I whispered to her she is now my lil lotus flower ! Then I said I will call you jade lotus! I told jade as we both watched her reflection, this is your true self. we have officially transformed you into the slutty ass whore you feel you are, and the one I know you are! TO BE CONTINUED !


Written by MistressThick
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
I had some awesome sessions this weekend !!!

I think the best was my taxi /fluffer. ive written about him before as you may recall, you see he had been a bad boy and was a no call, no show 2x when he was supposed to be serving! Well needless to say, i banished him ! no contact , no acknowledgement , he no longer existed ! Well i thought i had blocked him everywhere , but he managed to reach me on Fetlife. Sending me a series of emails of apology, which i ignored for a month. Yesterday he sent another email that i responded to and he managed to say the right things, and fully accepted his punishment whatever it may be. I decided i will administer the punishment which at the moment, was not created in my beautiful mind as of yet, but knew it was to be brutal. Something to make his mind and body remember, never forget and even fear the thought of disobedience! I gave him the address and opened the door for a smiling slave about 45 mins later. I returned a smile, well maybe a smirk as i closed the door behind him as he entered the room. He greeted me by dropping to his knees kissing my feet. i began i started to smack him in the head and chastise him for his indiscretions. I grabbed his crotch and smacked his balls and instructed him to strip.

now naked kneeling in front of me. i began to question him. asking him , why did you fuck up ? who have u been serving ? he yelped no one mistress! he began to apologize again and give excuses as to why he neglected his duties . i told him to shut up , delivering a slap to his bald head! Are you ready for your punishment? he proudly said , Yess mistress i am ready to endure what ever punishment you have for me! I replied good good, cus you will be punished without mercy. he replied yes mistress. i grabbed ropes and begin to bind his arms and hands behind his back. After securing my rope work, i grabbed my spreader bar and begin to apply the leather restraints to his ankles locking him in , dropping the key in my bra. I told him he deserves a spanking , and grabbed my wooden paddle. I pushed him face forward on the bed , exposing his hairy cheeks and his tight lil man pussy! I told him i wont stop til i have the perfect shade of red evenly on both cheeks. with each wack he let out a howl followed by a small moan. after about 20-30 wacks i decided a good red color had emerged and by now hes panting and beggin me not to hit his tender red bottom any longer. I put paddle on the bed and went to the dresser drawer and removed 2 items, my strapon and my evil stick (small cane). i told him his red bottom was missing some stripes , so wacking with the evil stick on both cheeks and at this point his howl is now a yell, so i raised the volume of the television on a music channel as to drown out his cries.

after looking at his face which was jus as red and profusely sweating , looked almost as though he was in tears. I laughed , and i said now im gonna rape u! He said no mistress! he begged, he whined , he pleaded for me to stop and not to penetrate him . i replied Shut the fuck up ! putting on my strapon i said Take your punishment like a man! hahahahaha . i slowly began to place a condom on my strappy and dropped lots of lube on the tip. i then dropped some in his ass crack, and he pleaded please mistress be gentle ! I yelled back NO! IM RAPING YOU! NO MERCY ! and thrusted inside him with no regard for his tight puckered asshole! he yelled as i entered! i pushed my cock all the way in he screamed noooo. i loved the feeling of entering him , him shaking , screaming was such a treat! Now fully inside him, i said now im gonna make this hole remember me and began to pound his asshole unrelentlessly! his cries and yells just fueled my excitement . i began to grab the ropes that he was bound in like and harness . i used the ropes to pull his tight hole on to my black strapon while i thrusted forward! Bouncing him up and down on my cock while he screams and i moaned. I felt i my pussy beginning to moisten then immediately to sopping wet ! i pounded harder! i slowly pulled it out , and then rammed my cock back in pounding him even hard than before. I yelled to him are you gonna be bad again ? he cried no mistress! for the next 20mins i fucked him like a ragdoll assaulting his asshole nonstop ! ha ... he cried ! ha ...

To Be Continued .......


Written by MistressThick
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
So I've definitely had some awesome sessions ! A few stand out ! Especially my favorite CUCKING A PATHETIC WHITE MAN!

I was contacted by John , and john is a straight alpha male and who has never engaged in any homosexual activity. But John knew he had a deep desire to suck and worship a big beautiful black cock! He would dream about it, and during the day his tiny cock would immediately throb . He would see a black man and stare at his crotch, just to see if he can get a glimpse of a huge bulge! Again, his tiny white cock would throb! And the thought of being on his knees in front of one is all that consumed his mind! John knew he could no longer contain this desire to have a huge black cock snaked down his throat. I assured john that this is a normal feeling and you we should feed his desire for a chocolate stick! I told john i would love to nurture these feelings and provide him the opportunity to be at the altar of BBC.

John was instructed to meet me at a hotel and given the room number, where i waited for him to arrive with my black stud present! My stud was blindfolded and gagged with his hands restrained behind his back. my studs perfectly brown toned naked body was the only thing i allowed him to wear. i wanted his cock hanging freely when john entered the room ! Probably the 1st time ever seeing one up close and personal.. lol ..

A light knock on the door, and i went to open it, slightly ajar only putting my face through the door. I watched his face , it was eager once he saw me . Almost like his face lit up and he exhaled mistress. John was a tall fat guy !lol I smiled and opened the door he stepped in
and his jaw dropped as he immediately saw my bound stud, standing naked , cock and balls swinging ! I told john to strip ! As he stripped the entire time he stared at my studs horse cock , which is 11.5 inches 🙂

I walked over to my stud and turned him around his back now to us, i wanted Johns complete attention and that would be difficult with that lovely chocolate rod staring at him.
John was instructed to kneel in front on me and as i examined him his naked body , he was instructed to kiss my feet ! As this is a proper greeting for the woman that will change his pathetic life and feed his desperate desire to suck!

Looking down on this huge daddy bear type , i laughed and told him today was his lucky day!
I told him he will finally get to worship at my cock alter and be fed! But he had to earn this honor ! I restrained Johns hands behind his back , I leaned whispered ill be right back and left him on his knees facing my stud. I walked over to my stud and turned him around and his gorgeous baby's arm of a cock was still limp and hanging , but still gorgeous! I grabbed my studs cock and stroked it a lil forcing it to swell, and then i dropped his cock! I told john to stare and watch this king size cock until i return from the bathroom. I told him he better not take his eyes off this cock!

I took my time in the bathroom knowing this was only building john anxiety , to be so close and not able to touch. Forced to look and not serve ! hahahaha

As i came out of the bathroom i see John is still staring at my studs cock, and i asked him is he ready to serve , he anxiously said Yes, mistress! I laughed , and said well u cant ! hahahaa
I said i will make u earn it and i will train u how to please BBC. i walked over to john and bent over in front of him placing my ass on his face. I grabbed a hand full of his hair told him to lick and worship my sweet black holes ! while grasping the top of his hair i begin to pull him on his knees toward the bed. I sat the edge of the bed leaned back , opened my legs and i told him to make me cum! he asked if i could remove the restraints? i said NO! grabbed his hair and pulled his head between my legs! After bringing me to orgasm , i pulled his head from between my legs and cum dripping down his mustache and chin! I walked over to my stud who's cock is now hard hearing his mistress being brought to orgasm. I grab his cock, and say look at this , asking john "isn't this beautiful?" he nodded and said yes mistress! a string of cum still hanging from his chin ! lol

I put my 10 inch strap and walk over to john , grab his hair and yelled open your fucking mouth! i shoved it to the back of his throat and he gagged and choked! i yelled at him spit on it , now suck it ! Lick the tip slowly ! After a few minutes he began a rhythm sucking , and keeping his mouth open wide for my thick 10in strap. I patted John's head and said good boy, now you are ready for the real thing. I released John's restraints made him crawl over to my stud who is still standing with his hands restrained behind his back , blindfolded and gagged. now that john is kneeling right in front of this huge black cock , staring at it in his face. I grabbed my studs cock and told john to beg for this cock! He said please mistress feed me, i need it ! Please mistress! After a few minutes of him begging , i slapped him with my studs cock ! lol Told John to kiss it , and thank me for allowing him to worship the BBC of my sexy stud. He yelled THANK YOU MISTRESS! IM NOT WORTHY ! THANK YOU THANK YOU ! I told him to open his mouth nice and wide , and i slowly placed the thick tip of my studs cock in Johns mouth, he trembled! TO BE CONTINUED!

1st Couple of the Day !

Written by MistressThick
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
i had my 1st CT couple today !!

when they arrived both husband and wife were commanded to strip naked and drop to thier knees before me. As always they both were instructed to kiss my feet which as you know, is a proper greeting for a being such as myself!

while kneeling i collared both my white, middle aged pets ! i looked at my female and i commanded her to stand so i could inspect her body! Her husband now collared and still kneeling before me. I decided to grab some duct tape and gag his mouth and bind his wrtists ! i wanted him to see me with his woman powerless to defend her honor which i surely plan to violate!

As im standing between them husband still bound, gagged and kneeling with my ass staring him directly in his face ! His wife to my right now time for her inspection! I lead her by leash a few feet from where hubby was kneeling. I yelled at him to watch and do not take his off of me! He slowly raised his head to watch in embarrasment. She was blonde , 5/6 and about 129 lbs , she was petite thin and eager to show mistress how excited she was to be serving. i began with the inspection of her breast and nipples! I grabbed both breasts and squeezed , as i am watching her exhale slower and harder.. i grabbed my nipple clamps and begin to pinch her nipples , i want them full of blood, nice and swollen !

I grab a hand full of her hair push her down over the arm of the couch, i started to tape her wrists nice and tight ~! now that shes in the right position time for lower body inspection ! her ass high in the air, i grabbed and fondled each cheek! then i spread those cheeks and saw the 2 prettiest pink holes ! Both look well used and mistress was excited to see ! i pushed her further into the couch her arms buckled , now shes on her elbows for support. This angle was perfect ! i began to massage her clit with my middle finger and i felt the moisture spilling out of her hot hole ! I grabbed my strapon , and her face lit up when she saw me stepping into my harness. attached to my harness today is a nice 11in chocolate cock ! I look back out the corner of my eye and i see her husband watching, anticipating , what i will do next to her ! I also see his cock is raging hard with and large collection of precum dripping onto the floor! so i walked over to him, standing directly infront of him my strapon touching the duct tape on his lips ! lol I laughed!

I stood him up and grabbed some rope and begin to bind his cock , i told him he will not be allowed to enjoy and pleasure while i violate your wife ! i tied his cock and balls tight , So tight now every vain appears to be visibly present and his cock the color of a hotdog !

i left him standing there bound, and i went back to his slut wife ;laying across the arm of the couch ! i started to spank her , told her i want her bottom to have some more color, and i knew with each strike her pussy would jus get wetter. After making both cheeks nice and rosey , i know now its time to fuck this lil white bitch silly in all holes !

To be continued .......

StrapOn Slut

Written by MistressThick
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
So lets talk about this hot session i had last week. I have a sub whos name is D, he is one of my few black subs. D is only submissive to a beautiful ebony woman in a strapon. D is instructed to immediately to strip & take a shower.
when he returns from the bathroom , i am wearing a black liquid leather dress, fishnet thigh high stockings (black), black elbow length liquid leather gloves , spikes on my wrists and 6 in pvc heels, with a big black 11inch strapon .

He walks out of the bathroom startled as he sees me standing there in all my glory strapon drawing his eye! i tell him to dry himself off , and to lay on his tummy. i walk around the side of the bed, and grab the condom. As i open the magnum , i tell him to look at me! Watch while i place a condom on the cock that will penetrate you ! He whimpered ! I laughed!

I then grabbed the lube and began to grease up my hard cock, smiling the entire time. I get on the bed behind him, while he lay on his tummy, and his head facing the headboard. I pull his legs apart and slap his ass and tell him im going to take his ass, make him my lil bitch. i start pouring lube up and down his ass crack. I place my cock on top his ass crack , now straddling his legs. i slid my cock between his cheeks to evenly spread the lube. while doing that i notice his whimpering now resembles a soft moan. i took the tip and slid it from asshole to his taint, teasing his asshole of whats to come. He started moaning more. I take my tip and put it right at his man pussy. I lean forward to whisper in his ear,"Your ASS is MINE BITCH!" At the same time gyrating and humping him while i slide my cock in and out of his crack !

i start to penetrate him slowly , the tip pressing against his tight lil resistant hole! I push gently to get that tip in there ! I hear him saying ohh thank you mistress but i also noticing his asshole is trying to hide from my cock ! I pulled my breasts out and pressed them against his back while gently hump his tight lil hole. i notice that im not in his manpussy , so i straddle the back of his legs. i look down at my thick veiny cock , and his clinched tight cheeks! I yelled at him "STOP RUNNING FROM MY DICK!" Then ordered him to move his ass on my cock, while still protruding in his hole. I yell "WORK MY COCK WITH YOUR ASS BITCH!" he yelps yes mistress! He begans to moan and hump and throw his ass back on my cock ! finally i got 3 inches of the 11 in his ass and hes still throwing his ass back on it! I thrust my hips right into him while hes pushing back , and 4 more inches are now in him. He froze and clinched his cheeks so tight, i began to spank each cheek ferociously ! Yelling at him "work my cock!" he slowly began to push back on my cock which almost has his lil tight pussy filled! be continued !

BBC and the Cuck

Written By MistressThick
Wednesday, October 15, 2014

David contacted me for a cuck session with me and my bull. David had very little experience being a cuck and had the audacity to explain what he thought the next step in his journey as he had imagined it in my head. I let him know .... He was here to serve me as i see fit ! I will use him for my pleasure, enjoyment and amusement. David described he had only been used to clean up after a mistress had been with her bf. While telling me his experience, in my head im thinking he has no idea what he is in store for! hahahaha David has served me in the past

David arrives to my playspace and is instructed to strip immediately and greet me properly. For my new readers that is naked on his knees , kissing my feet! After a proper greeting , he raises his head and looks around the room. I can tell hes wondering ...where is my bbc bull ? I can tell hes wondering if this session will pan out to be what he had hoped and imagined it would be. hes instructed to crawl over to the bed where i am bent over waiting for him to place his white face where it belongs, my ass !

I instruct him to plant lil kisses all over my round bottom ! I tell him " If you use your tongue i will punish your tiny falice ! " As hes kissing i remind him that this is his only purpose in life and was born to serve in this capacity to an ebony goddess! I remind him of how inferior his tiny cock is and should be locked away the rest of his life for being so pathetic! I remind him how his white skin is a curse and he should be thankful any person of color would allow him to serve in any capacity !

I notice out of the corner of my eye his clit began to get hard. When i say clit , yes i do mean his penis, it was as big as a large clit ! Ha I made david stand up and i saw the disgusting leaky mess coming from his clit and yelled at him. I told him since he cannot control his pathetic cock i will and i begin to bind and restrain his balls and penis with shoestrings as tight as i could. Reminding him , he gets no pleasure , not even a hard on from this session ! I instructed him back on his knees instructed him to lick me until i cum! Just like a good boy , mistress came ! shortly after my release , there was a knock on the door. I can tell david was wondering who was at the door? Would this be the end of his session? Will he be cucked like he hoped and dreamed? I could read all those things in his eyes .
I walked over to the door and opened it . There standing in the doorway, was my BBC bull. I open the door all the way so my bull is visible to david. i can see his eyes light up with excitement. My bull enters the room. He is also submissive to me and is also instructed to strip and greet me properly. After he strips i can see davids mouth drop when my bull removes his boxers to reveal a 12 inch black anaconda! Davids eyes were fixated on the bbc. He watched as my i spoke to my bull. I advised my bull that he was there for his cock to be worshiped by this inferior small white cucky boy ! I advised my bull that his seed will be protein digested by this poor white cuck! My bull smiled. I can see his cock beginning to stiffen it resembles a babys arm when fully erect. I instruct my bull to walk over infront of david , so his huge cock was just inches away from his mouth. I can see david almost drooling still fixated on the BBC. I walk over to both boys , now facing each other only david is on his knees while my bull stands hard infront on him. I grab my bulls cock, pulling him towards David ................................. TO BE CONTIUED !!!!!