Written by MistressThick
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
I had some awesome sessions this weekend !!!

I think the best was my taxi /fluffer. ive written about him before as you may recall, you see he had been a bad boy and was a no call, no show 2x when he was supposed to be serving! Well needless to say, i banished him ! no contact , no acknowledgement , he no longer existed ! Well i thought i had blocked him everywhere , but he managed to reach me on Fetlife. Sending me a series of emails of apology, which i ignored for a month. Yesterday he sent another email that i responded to and he managed to say the right things, and fully accepted his punishment whatever it may be. I decided i will administer the punishment which at the moment, was not created in my beautiful mind as of yet, but knew it was to be brutal. Something to make his mind and body remember, never forget and even fear the thought of disobedience! I gave him the address and opened the door for a smiling slave about 45 mins later. I returned a smile, well maybe a smirk as i closed the door behind him as he entered the room. He greeted me by dropping to his knees kissing my feet. i began i started to smack him in the head and chastise him for his indiscretions. I grabbed his crotch and smacked his balls and instructed him to strip.

now naked kneeling in front of me. i began to question him. asking him , why did you fuck up ? who have u been serving ? he yelped no one mistress! he began to apologize again and give excuses as to why he neglected his duties . i told him to shut up , delivering a slap to his bald head! Are you ready for your punishment? he proudly said , Yess mistress i am ready to endure what ever punishment you have for me! I replied good good, cus you will be punished without mercy. he replied yes mistress. i grabbed ropes and begin to bind his arms and hands behind his back. After securing my rope work, i grabbed my spreader bar and begin to apply the leather restraints to his ankles locking him in , dropping the key in my bra. I told him he deserves a spanking , and grabbed my wooden paddle. I pushed him face forward on the bed , exposing his hairy cheeks and his tight lil man pussy! I told him i wont stop til i have the perfect shade of red evenly on both cheeks. with each wack he let out a howl followed by a small moan. after about 20-30 wacks i decided a good red color had emerged and by now hes panting and beggin me not to hit his tender red bottom any longer. I put paddle on the bed and went to the dresser drawer and removed 2 items, my strapon and my evil stick (small cane). i told him his red bottom was missing some stripes , so wacking with the evil stick on both cheeks and at this point his howl is now a yell, so i raised the volume of the television on a music channel as to drown out his cries.

after looking at his face which was jus as red and profusely sweating , looked almost as though he was in tears. I laughed , and i said now im gonna rape u! He said no mistress! he begged, he whined , he pleaded for me to stop and not to penetrate him . i replied Shut the fuck up ! putting on my strapon i said Take your punishment like a man! hahahahaha . i slowly began to place a condom on my strappy and dropped lots of lube on the tip. i then dropped some in his ass crack, and he pleaded please mistress be gentle ! I yelled back NO! IM RAPING YOU! NO MERCY ! and thrusted inside him with no regard for his tight puckered asshole! he yelled as i entered! i pushed my cock all the way in he screamed noooo. i loved the feeling of entering him , him shaking , screaming was such a treat! Now fully inside him, i said now im gonna make this hole remember me and began to pound his asshole unrelentlessly! his cries and yells just fueled my excitement . i began to grab the ropes that he was bound in like and harness . i used the ropes to pull his tight hole on to my black strapon while i thrusted forward! Bouncing him up and down on my cock while he screams and i moaned. I felt i my pussy beginning to moisten then immediately to sopping wet ! i pounded harder! i slowly pulled it out , and then rammed my cock back in pounding him even hard than before. I yelled to him are you gonna be bad again ? he cried no mistress! for the next 20mins i fucked him like a ragdoll assaulting his asshole nonstop ! ha ... he cried ! ha ...

To Be Continued .......

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