Written by MistressThick
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
So I've definitely had some awesome sessions ! A few stand out ! Especially my favorite CUCKING A PATHETIC WHITE MAN!

I was contacted by John , and john is a straight alpha male and who has never engaged in any homosexual activity. But John knew he had a deep desire to suck and worship a big beautiful black cock! He would dream about it, and during the day his tiny cock would immediately throb . He would see a black man and stare at his crotch, just to see if he can get a glimpse of a huge bulge! Again, his tiny white cock would throb! And the thought of being on his knees in front of one is all that consumed his mind! John knew he could no longer contain this desire to have a huge black cock snaked down his throat. I assured john that this is a normal feeling and you we should feed his desire for a chocolate stick! I told john i would love to nurture these feelings and provide him the opportunity to be at the altar of BBC.

John was instructed to meet me at a hotel and given the room number, where i waited for him to arrive with my black stud present! My stud was blindfolded and gagged with his hands restrained behind his back. my studs perfectly brown toned naked body was the only thing i allowed him to wear. i wanted his cock hanging freely when john entered the room ! Probably the 1st time ever seeing one up close and personal.. lol ..

A light knock on the door, and i went to open it, slightly ajar only putting my face through the door. I watched his face , it was eager once he saw me . Almost like his face lit up and he exhaled mistress. John was a tall fat guy !lol I smiled and opened the door he stepped in
and his jaw dropped as he immediately saw my bound stud, standing naked , cock and balls swinging ! I told john to strip ! As he stripped the entire time he stared at my studs horse cock , which is 11.5 inches 🙂

I walked over to my stud and turned him around his back now to us, i wanted Johns complete attention and that would be difficult with that lovely chocolate rod staring at him.
John was instructed to kneel in front on me and as i examined him his naked body , he was instructed to kiss my feet ! As this is a proper greeting for the woman that will change his pathetic life and feed his desperate desire to suck!

Looking down on this huge daddy bear type , i laughed and told him today was his lucky day!
I told him he will finally get to worship at my cock alter and be fed! But he had to earn this honor ! I restrained Johns hands behind his back , I leaned whispered ill be right back and left him on his knees facing my stud. I walked over to my stud and turned him around and his gorgeous baby's arm of a cock was still limp and hanging , but still gorgeous! I grabbed my studs cock and stroked it a lil forcing it to swell, and then i dropped his cock! I told john to stare and watch this king size cock until i return from the bathroom. I told him he better not take his eyes off this cock!

I took my time in the bathroom knowing this was only building john anxiety , to be so close and not able to touch. Forced to look and not serve ! hahahaha

As i came out of the bathroom i see John is still staring at my studs cock, and i asked him is he ready to serve , he anxiously said Yes, mistress! I laughed , and said well u cant ! hahahaa
I said i will make u earn it and i will train u how to please BBC. i walked over to john and bent over in front of him placing my ass on his face. I grabbed a hand full of his hair told him to lick and worship my sweet black holes ! while grasping the top of his hair i begin to pull him on his knees toward the bed. I sat the edge of the bed leaned back , opened my legs and i told him to make me cum! he asked if i could remove the restraints? i said NO! grabbed his hair and pulled his head between my legs! After bringing me to orgasm , i pulled his head from between my legs and cum dripping down his mustache and chin! I walked over to my stud who's cock is now hard hearing his mistress being brought to orgasm. I grab his cock, and say look at this , asking john "isn't this beautiful?" he nodded and said yes mistress! a string of cum still hanging from his chin ! lol

I put my 10 inch strap and walk over to john , grab his hair and yelled open your fucking mouth! i shoved it to the back of his throat and he gagged and choked! i yelled at him spit on it , now suck it ! Lick the tip slowly ! After a few minutes he began a rhythm sucking , and keeping his mouth open wide for my thick 10in strap. I patted John's head and said good boy, now you are ready for the real thing. I released John's restraints made him crawl over to my stud who is still standing with his hands restrained behind his back , blindfolded and gagged. now that john is kneeling right in front of this huge black cock , staring at it in his face. I grabbed my studs cock and told john to beg for this cock! He said please mistress feed me, i need it ! Please mistress! After a few minutes of him begging , i slapped him with my studs cock ! lol Told John to kiss it , and thank me for allowing him to worship the BBC of my sexy stud. He yelled THANK YOU MISTRESS! IM NOT WORTHY ! THANK YOU THANK YOU ! I told him to open his mouth nice and wide , and i slowly placed the thick tip of my studs cock in Johns mouth, he trembled! TO BE CONTINUED!

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