My Asian Sissy Boy

Written by MistressThick
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Mistress has a new Chinese sissy doll, I have named her jade lotus !
I had the best time dressing up my lil slut for the 1st time.

So when he came to my door, he was immediately ordered to strip. He replied "mistress I have a surprise for you " with a big smile he says" I'm already wearing my lingerie for you." jade lotus was wearing latex thigh highs with black vinyl pumps , a black garter belt and matching thong and bra ! Mistress was surprised and pleased that my lil slut took so much effort into transitioning for me. after see him and the outfit i its entirety, I told her she was missing wig and makeup ! I grabbed neck length raven black wig i removed his glasses and told him my slut needs to be a painted whore , so makeup was necessary. he was instructed to kneel as I gathered my makeup and colors I thought would bring out the whore in her the most! i chose blue and smoke eye shadow and electric blue eyeliner. the makeup was heavy and very slutty, I loved the job I did. I made her getup and stand in front of the full length mirror admiring her transformed slutty self . I stood with her facing the mirror and while squeezing her ass and kissing her neck , I whispered to her she is now my lil lotus flower ! Then I said I will call you jade lotus! I told jade as we both watched her reflection, this is your true self. we have officially transformed you into the slutty ass whore you feel you are, and the one I know you are! TO BE CONTINUED !

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