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Stop misnaming BDSM jewelry !

Although synonymous theres a huge difference between a Choker and a Collar ! I'm so tired of people in the main stream media oblivious to the world of BDSM and its jewelry! It's simple boys and girls.  



 A collar has a loop in the front so the collar can be attached to a leash. A choker does not.





Can you distinguish the difference?


So I came across some images on the net ...Of a ebony dominant sucking a white slaves cock. This was actually hash tagged black female supremacy. Ummm no !



Don't get me wrong.. We all suck or have sucked a dick. Haven't we ? Some of us in public but most in private.  So who cares about that aspect. The issue I am concerned about is the mixed messages to the white slaves. In my personal opinion, your worthless pink cock would never be worthy to enter any hole on my body !  

In short ... Happy sucking cock and enjoy, I know I do ! Just don't associate that with black female supremacy. The internet is already full of so many derogatory images of black females. We don't need you now further associating this image to white slaves, that these are black supremacy ideals! 

Not enough?

I feel there aren't enough  images of black women in a position of power presented in the public eye. As a black woman, I feel we are stereotyped in the media.  Ughhh I'm making it my mission to show images of us in positions of power! Especially over white men!



 salty bitch

Prostitution should be legal. A woman should be able to do what she pleases with her body!! PERIOD!! Prostitution should be legal and decriminalized! Instead it is not and women are placed at risk to go out while escorting. Some women even trafficked or pimped by men who take all of their money and abuse them! Well as a FEMALE SUPREMACIST .. I SAY NO!! I may not be an escort, or companion or sugarbaby.. But guess what society clumps all together as "SEX WORKERS"! That includes Femdoms, Findoms, IG/Web models and Camgirls! Living life authentically as a ...say it with me "FEMALE SUPREMACIST" I exploit men in this same fashion! I make it my life's purpose to exploit, use , degrade and discard the opposite sex! I am unapologetic about this and stand true to this ideal in EVERY walk of life. So before you walk around touting the Femdom ideology  how about you start with its foundation... FEMALE SUPREMACY! THERE IS NO WHOREACHY! So the next time you salty little girls, fix your mouth to say. Im not a prostitute or sex worker, look down on or disparage some who is... The same vanilla world has clumped US right along in the same category with them as a Domina! So empower, not judge! Learn , not belittle what YOU cannot conquer not yet understand!


May the odds be forever in your favor ladies!


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