1st Couple of the Day !

Written by MistressThick
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
i had my 1st CT couple today !!

when they arrived both husband and wife were commanded to strip naked and drop to thier knees before me. As always they both were instructed to kiss my feet which as you know, is a proper greeting for a being such as myself!

while kneeling i collared both my white, middle aged pets ! i looked at my female and i commanded her to stand so i could inspect her body! Her husband now collared and still kneeling before me. I decided to grab some duct tape and gag his mouth and bind his wrtists ! i wanted him to see me with his woman powerless to defend her honor which i surely plan to violate!

As im standing between them husband still bound, gagged and kneeling with my ass staring him directly in his face ! His wife to my right now time for her inspection! I lead her by leash a few feet from where hubby was kneeling. I yelled at him to watch and do not take his off of me! He slowly raised his head to watch in embarrasment. She was blonde , 5/6 and about 129 lbs , she was petite thin and eager to show mistress how excited she was to be serving. i began with the inspection of her breast and nipples! I grabbed both breasts and squeezed , as i am watching her exhale slower and harder.. i grabbed my nipple clamps and begin to pinch her nipples , i want them full of blood, nice and swollen !

I grab a hand full of her hair push her down over the arm of the couch, i started to tape her wrists nice and tight ~! now that shes in the right position time for lower body inspection ! her ass high in the air, i grabbed and fondled each cheek! then i spread those cheeks and saw the 2 prettiest pink holes ! Both look well used and mistress was excited to see ! i pushed her further into the couch her arms buckled , now shes on her elbows for support. This angle was perfect ! i began to massage her clit with my middle finger and i felt the moisture spilling out of her hot hole ! I grabbed my strapon , and her face lit up when she saw me stepping into my harness. attached to my harness today is a nice 11in chocolate cock ! I look back out the corner of my eye and i see her husband watching, anticipating , what i will do next to her ! I also see his cock is raging hard with and large collection of precum dripping onto the floor! so i walked over to him, standing directly infront of him my strapon touching the duct tape on his lips ! lol I laughed!

I stood him up and grabbed some rope and begin to bind his cock , i told him he will not be allowed to enjoy and pleasure while i violate your wife ! i tied his cock and balls tight , So tight now every vain appears to be visibly present and his cock the color of a hotdog !

i left him standing there bound, and i went back to his slut wife ;laying across the arm of the couch ! i started to spank her , told her i want her bottom to have some more color, and i knew with each strike her pussy would jus get wetter. After making both cheeks nice and rosey , i know now its time to fuck this lil white bitch silly in all holes !

To be continued .......

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