Pretty Little Beggars!!

This blog was created to address a constant issue I keep seeing arising within Findom community. Our community is primarily filled with dominant women that can manipulate money, gifts, and etc from male slaves. Now findoms rely on their cunning, knowledge of slave behavior and feminine wilds to manipulate the coinage from the slaves. Now what I would like to address is and has been already stated in many blogs and reiterated again and again but still occurs! Tragi-domming!

Using a personal tragedy whether it be real or fictional is known as tragi-domming. We as findoms do not rely on slaves , we do not rely on sympathy or empathy to collect tributes. Why ? Cause this places the contributor (slave) in a position of power and now that reduces you from FINDOM to a BEGGAR!



Now why did I say beggar?  Well, lets look at it like this...

When you are walking on the street, sitting on a train and you see the homeless person with a sign. They stop you and tell you a story of tragedy in hopes to inspire a donation. They out of sympathy, or the goodness of their heart give you a hand out. THIS IS NOT A TRIBUTE! What is the difference ? Homeless beggars asks strangers to give them money because they are destitute persons. Ask yourself .. Is that you? Are you downtrodden? The homeless person doing the begging on the street may be dirty, smelly and unhygienic.  YOU ARE PRETTY! But essentially you are doing the same thing as the homeless person.


Now a pretty girl in distress does and has always inspired the male to open his wallet, but keep in mind this is NOT TRIBUTE and this is certainly NOT FINDOM!


There is NO ROOM in this space for those tactics as a Findom. Findoms aren't QUID PRO QUO = something given or received for something else.

As findoms we don't:

  • BEG

  • NEED


  • RELY


As findoms we are empowered! We seek to have desires fulfilled! We are strong and independent and ALWAYS portray an image of strength! We are NOT victims! We aren't damsels in distress.

Now contrary to popular opinion, I do believe there is room for both sugar babies and cam girls in this space, but ladies the tactics are different. Don't call yourself a Findom just to cover the bases! Don't call yourself a Findom and your justification is.. Findom to me is.. UM no! That's the lazy high answer you gave, when your teacher asked you something and you aren't well versed on the topic. There's a community of ladies who have been here for decades holding to the foundation of ideologies behind this fetish.

If I may give you an analogy.... A softball player, can play baseball and vice versa! This difference is knowing the variance of rules in the game! So you cant just walk in a softball game throwing pitches like Tim Lincecum! Why ? Cause that is NOT how that game is played and all you would do is piss of an entire fan base of softball fans! So when you ladies Tragidomme publicly, all you do is piss off a whole community! So when we see Tragidomming on the timeline , just know its sounds like this, and you look like this ...

Change Please ? Any spare Change ?


May the odds be forever in your favor ladies !

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