To Mistress,
There are few that even come close to you. You made me what I was and what I could not see. You could have really treated me cruelly, but you have been gentle. Even when you were whipping me it was very loving. It will not be that way in future. I know this and enduring is my show of gratitude for your gentleness. You entranced me from the beginning. I did not agree with much of what you profess and don't like many of the things. But I'm ignoring those feelings to please you. So far I'm getting better at it and starting to accept things, even where I don't agree.
Thank You for making me a true slave !
Your loving Sissy,

Brittney Bitch

Mistress thick has melted my once proud meat stick and reformed it into a sissified sissy stump and I can't stop thanking her from the bottom of my destroyed stink hole of a sissy rosebud (she does this effortlessly). She is just so damn sexy... YUM!
Your Slut, 
My time with Goddess Thick was truly special! I was a wannabe sissy and all over the place until i landed in the web of Goddess Thick. Before i knew it, I was locked, plugged and kneeling in front of Goddess Thick anxiously awaiting Her next order. Goddess Thick has a unique way to turn beta loser males such as myself into obedient cock loving sissies like no one else can. Goddess Thick really helped me accept that my role is not to please Women sexually or be on their equal footing but rather to be a sissy whore and line up my sexual pleasure with the will and desires of Goddess Thick. Not long after being in Her service, did I start to equate my pleasure and happiness with Hers, willing to do anything to please Her. i cannot thank Her enough for helping me grow as a sissy and a slave!
Your sweet sissy girl, 
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