About Me


Do you DARE to dream big enough to try to serve me?








I am not a doctor nor do I profess to be one. I am though a specialist. A specialist in addiction and perversions.  







Administrator of Agony!



I am 100% true uncaring African American bitch! I am a shameless sadist, yet my truly sadistic nature is coupled with compassion. I am open , patient and receptive. You will suffer by the hands of a Cruel African American Bitch. This is not about your sexual gratification SLAVE! You will serve because it your obligation as a slave, and MY RIGHT as an Ebony Goddess!

I have been practicing as lifestyle Femdom since 2005 now making it  11 years. I have been professional Femdom since 2010 now making it 6 years anticipating many more to come. Domina, Porn Actress, Adult entertainment personality, Educator and Inventor there are many feathers in my cap. I have appeared on TV, Print, Radio, and Video. I am based out of New York, but I travel the country. I am American born and raised as an Ebony Queen! My lineage consists of strong black women who have controlled men over the past 80 years!

I formerly managed the Exxxotica Dungeon under Mistress C the former Creative producer of the Exxxotica "Dungeon Experience". I have been with the Exxxotica show for 3 years as a performer in all markets. 

I also was a core performer for the AVN Lair under the creative production of Mistress C 2013 & 2014. Co-owner of Solezsistaz.com the event planning company and host of the Mistress Thick Foot Party and the Mistress Thick Foot Soiree.

I have a passion and love for BDSM which is why it is incorporated into every aspect of my lifestyle.  I live , eat , sleep and breathe this shit ! Authentic in all walks of life being genuine to the beliefs and standards I hold as vital.  



Man Animal Trainer!




Hometown: Long Island, NY

Locations: NJ,MA,CT, DMV

Height: 4'11

Weight: 139 lbs

Measurements: 34d-25-38

Build: curvy/zaftig/thickalicious

Pants size: 6

Shoe size: 7

Hair color: blonde

Ethnicity: African American

Age: 39

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite perfume: Shi by Alfred Sung

Piercings: ears, nose, nipples, lip

Tats: none

Zodiac: Libra

Birthday: September 25

Favorite Team: NY Yankees

Interests: Cosplay, comics, writing, public speaking, blogging, dancing

Favorite Activities: Shopping, Fine dining, Intellectual discourse, 420 activities





Cock Commander!




Trained in the arts of TPE , mind fuckery and brainwashing.

Trained in screening and interrogation tactics.

Trained in ALL aspects of impact play.

Trained Electro-stim, Violet Wand, and Neon Wand play.

Trained Medical play enthusiast.

Trained in ALL aspects of psycho drama.

Trained in ALL aspects of coprophilia play.

Trained in the arts behavioral science. 

Trained in the arts of behavioral modification.

Trained in the arts of hypnotherapy.

Master and controller of the man animal.

The kinks and fetishes that interest me are on the more extreme side of the spectrum. Do you dare ? Come present yourself, beg for the opportunity to worship GREATNESS! Let Mistress nurture those urges while completely controlling and conditioning new behaviors in you !

I offer some of you, the rare opportunity to enter my world of deviant pleasures and blissful exquisite suffering. Step into my rabbit hole, and fall inescapably to your fate! AT MY FEET! 

Currently practicing BDSM fuckery in the confines of my personal play space located in Valley Stream, NY, where I can safely explore your boundaries and push your limits.  Currently creating a 2nd play space in MD and 3rd in MA.








I have a right,  to own and use inferior men from other races to provide for my physical and financial comfort. Homage and loyalty are shown by showering me with gifts & donations. My outfits, uniforms, leather gear, and custom made whips and restraints are all gifts of adoration. True honor speaks for itself.

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